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Train with Clarelis Academy of Law, a Qualiopi certified organisation

In order to offer our clients a complete service that meets their needs, we created a Qualiopi certified training organisation in 2022. We offer training in employment law, taxation, corporate law and other cross-functional topics, depending on the subject matter, to company directors, HR managers, CFOs, lawyers, accountants and payroll managers.

We provide these training courses either outside the company to enable the various participating companies to share their experience, or within the company itself in order to adapt the content of the training to the needs of the clients. This is a personalised service.

We will have the pleasure of running 3 regular training courses:

-Quarterly news on employment law on 13 October: this training course is given every quarter over a day and aims to present the latest legislative, regulatory and case law developments, punctuated by illustrations and practical cases.

-Becoming a sexual harassment and sexist assault referent on 17 November.

-And the challenges of subsidiary holding training on 8 December.

It is possible to register directly online on the Clarelis Academy of Law page of our website or by contacting us by telephone or email. We are at your disposal.

For further information: please contact Emilie Vielzeuf, associate lawyer - Clarelis Avocats


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