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Social law

Assisting you with all your problems and disputes relating to labour law and social security law, both in terms of advice and litigation.

Our added value

- Labour law

- Social security law

- Advice

- Litigation

- Training

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We mobilize our legal expertise and operational experience for individuals, foundations and companies of all sizes and in all sectors.

Our clients are supported by lawyers who are interested in them, their context, their issues. Our English-speaking lawyers come from recognized business firms.

We operate in France, Monaco, Europe and the Middle East.

Our human size allows us to deliver an irreproachable quality of service for demanding customers. Our teams are available, responsive and strongly involved.

Beyond the specific legal issues, the Clarelis group's objectives are to help its clients to develop and better position themselves, to enhance their assets, to innovate, to resolve their conflicts and to respect their obligations.  


We have a strategic and prospective vision of the law, applied in the daily life of our clients. We work for a law that protects them in advance and actively contributes to their competitiveness and sustainability.


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