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Emilie Vielzeuf


Areas of expertise

- Labour law - Social security law

Sectorial areas

- Companies - Metallurgy - Transport - Agriculture - Technical offices - Food industry - Hotels - Restaurants


Emilie advises companies of all sizes in all sectors of activity and more particularly in the metallurgy, transport, agriculture, technical design offices, food industry, hotels and restaurants, in all areas of labour law and social security, including in particular the drafting and management of employment contracts, the exercise of the employer's disciplinary and management powers, relations with staff representatives, collective bargaining, health and safety at work, the management of work-related accidents and occupational illnesses, as well as redundancies for economic reasons.

Emilie also assists or represents companies in the context of labour law litigation before the Conseil de Prud'hommes, the Tribunal Judiciaire Pôle Social, the Tribunal Administratif, the Court of Appeal and the Cour administrative d'appel.

Emilie also creates and runs training courses in employment law for HR managers, company directors, personnel and payroll managers.

Emilie studied law in the Paris region and then started her career with Fidal in Marseille.

She moved to the region in 2015 and continued her experience with Fidal in Sophia Antipolis.
From January 2019 to August 2022, Emilie managed the employment law department of Fidal in Sophia Antipolis and then in Nice.

Today, Emilie is in charge of developing the employment law department of Clarelis as a partner of the firm.


- French - English

Emilie Vielzeuf

+33 (0) 4 93 48 58 91

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